17 March 2013


This also just appeared in The Spectator which usually means I can't share it because the Speccie is proprietorial about its stuff and only gives me 10 or so reads.

But the good old Grauniad also ran it - perhaps part of Red Nose Day.

Who knows what might work and what gets glossed over as the same ol' same old?
Doesn't he look gorgeously handsome and fresh-faced on the left.

Brand talks of people like me getting free of drugs and alcohol and then making sure we 'retain contact with the support that is available to keep them clean'. Talks of 'abstinence-based recovery. 

Something called Give-It-Up.

Something about retaining contact with available support.

I live here on my own and I don't know a goddam'd person to trust, bore or embarrass or who hasn't pilfered my cowardly caregiving ass off from Day 1, March 11 2006. 

So it's no use talking to me about available support but what I will do is write to the Speccie and thank them (and RB) for the article and make the usual addict's vow to do something about it and track down a 'Hello. You all right, mate?' buddy and ... take it from there. Or here.   

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