07 November 2006

fridge lizard

Behind the Fridge

Searching for where the rats are entering the kitchen, I hauled the fridge out and there was this friendly chappie


Ashley said...

Looks (just?) like one I caught in Ventimiglia. My Italian friends were terrified for me and implored me to put it down before it bit me. I laughed at them.

It did bite me a moment later, perhaps embarrassed by my laughter. Of course, he was even more embarrassed to discover the tiny teeth they have for catching moths and such couldn't even scratch me.

Busker said...

nicely judged comment. what i'm still spooked over is the snake skin i came across on the roof of the pool pump (post passim).
handsome bugger, tho', and i'm treating him with respect and fondness. he seems to have carved his little territory derriere the fridge and i'm letting him rule.