14 November 2006



Faithful Sam pledging allegiance to his lord and master.

Black Sambo loves his new life since I've started packing, and he particularly likes it when I just wing the critter and it bounces off the ground and runs in that wiggly way they have when they've lost a sinew or two from a speeding bullet.

black samboFast bugger when he chooses to get his skates on, is El Sambo, and he's good at sitting by the twitching corpse til I arrive with the dustpan and broom and whisk the rodent away to the bonfire pyre.

Nose fetish: I was plunking on the old Ovation the other night and Sam came up for a cuddle and brushed his conk against the strings and leapt back only to return a few seconds later for a further fix.

Hmm, he must find the vibes against his handsome black proboscis a bit of a turn-on because he's got it down a fine art now, just touching the strings and his body positively a-quiver with plaisir. Sensuous swine.

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