12 November 2006

Free Greek Lessons

Calling all Greek-challenged local readers: hie thee promptly down to the Periferia building (1st floor, turn left down the corridor, last booth on the right) and sign up for your FREE  lessons.

Each grade only starts once they have a minimum of 15 pupils and the silly-billy organisers completely failed to announce the classes via the obvious channels such as supermarket noticeboards and The Corfiot (whose editrice told my mum she doesn't read Athens News anyway, so therein lies some ironic justice).

Anyway, you're going to need fluency in Greek as she is spoke or you won't get yer new longterm resident status.

The government is requiring all applicants to complete a 25-hour course in Greek history and culture. The presidential decree also demands the successful completion of a 100-hour advanced-level Greek language course.

The IDEKE centre is at Alykes River at the regional (periferia) building, tel 26610-23345, so get on down there and make it up to 15 so we can get started prontoest as poss.


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