01 November 2006


The Pythonesque fuss over chameleon comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's creation, "Borat Sagdiyev", is reaching a farcical level.

How SBC's publicists must be gloating.

The slab-faced Kazakhstani pols must be out of their minds to take it this seriously and far: TV appearances to contradict the movie? Press releases of healthy GDP and victorious peasantry enjoying the good life? Pathetic.

Meanwhile, I see Ali G DVDs being sported all round downtown Kerkira.

  • Banned Book: Also check out BS's cheeky pic book
  • Box Office Hit: Double the Estimate ~ Of course it's a hit. This is exactly the accurate Ameri-mockery that goes down so well in and with the States. I was asked last night why, despite its melting pot nationalities and sheer size, America only manages a prudish, prurient and parochial hold on life. I couldn't say, but it sounds as if this movie applies a pretty funny microscope to exactly that aspect of that sprawling country.
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