19 December 2007

Athenian Trampler


Give that man a large prosecco: pedestrian in Athens finds - surprise, surprise - a whacking great SUV blocking his pavement, so he just walks over it.

I like to think he was in hobnailed boots with big sharp metal studs.

That motorist behaviour is so normal around here, and i speak only for Corfu.

Wonderful story and if i knew which account to which to send his legal fees, it would be in the outbox.

Quote of the week:

"Now I will be tried for property damage but police did not even bother giving the car owner a parking ticket."

1 comment :

rwellsrwells said...

I love the guy, even if he's a total jerk otherwise. Before I discovered chemical controls for my "anger issues," I'd "key" the door of any SUV that parked too close to my little Geo. Over the years it got harder and harder to mar the damn things as their paint jobs got more and more durable. I'm glad to be under control, as the latest paints and enamels are baked so hard I'd probably bend my keys. Mot gratifying hit was some big assed black Mercedes.