08 December 2007

Mafia-style flirting

Soigné self-styled expert, Marco Gambino, reveals the secret of a good flirt: Most important is eye contact and the ability to maintain it.

"Gazing is one of our weapons as Italians," boasts Gambino. "British men and women avoid eye contact because they're scared."

Another common error: talking too much.

"Body language is less open to misunderstandings," quoth MG, "Words can be misinterpreted, especially by women."


  1. Use your eyes. Fix the object of your desire with a steady, unwavering gaze.
  2. Carry yourself with confidence. This will help to make you look more attractive.
  3. Keep your body language open and responsive. Crossing your arms is a definite no-no.
  4. Be gently tactile. Just the brush of a hand is enough.
  5. Listen and be receptive. There's nothing more heady than someone else's full, undivided attention.
  6. Be light-hearted and playful. Don't mention train delays or problems at work.
  7. Make an effort with your appearance. There is no shame in a bit of grooming (as any Italian will tell you.)
  8. Be brave. The British get 'overattached to their lonely nests'.
  9. Avoid cracking jokes. British men often have a very restricted humour that only functions through mates and jokes, says Marco. "This means women feel ostracised."
  10. Don't talk too much; fewer words the better.

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