10 December 2007

Greek Girls on Parade

Under-*AGE* girls, I wouldn't be surprised, but let's not sink too incorrect or provocative.

I only chose that title to inflame and enrage my B-list readership who keep me on my toes.

photo rack of snaps of local school kids on parade
As you see, the young folk out here know how to dress, how to carry themselves; they have a sense of duty and pride.

Every time there's a saints' day or national occasion, out they come and they march to the sound of the big bass drum.

And out come the patriotic paparrazzi to snap this flower of youth ....

Can you imagine in America (or bully state England, come to think of it) walking past a streetside photography store and seeing a snap of your daughter/sister/girlfriend/self up there for any perve to buy - and nary a mention to you or permission asked? Huge guffaw.

You would totally freak, and your attorney would hit them with a mega-buck law suit for privacy abuses.


Not so out here in the cradle of democracy: we take things easier and no one thinks anything of it ...

Look at some of the proud but incurious looks on this flower of corfiot youth - lads as well as lasses. Look, indeed, at some of those young stalwarts, period. I can well see why the lensman thought, "Ayup, here's a dead cert for centre rack."


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