13 December 2007

Harvest Moon

We were still in PacMed and I'd gone up one Sunday from Bainbridge to catch up with the customer survey I was running.

Mr Zach Works (whom God preserve) had his desk just behind mine and he was in India, toting the white man's burden, bringing Fromgrep to the masses.

Around lunch time I got bored so I ambled over to Zach's desk and borrowed a CD, which happened to be this person called Neil Young of whom I had vaguely heard, and the track I played happened to be 'Harvest Moon' of which I had never heard.

I was considerably blown away and it's stayed a favorite ever since - and now here it is on YouTube with as nice a video as the song deserves.

(Another huge favor Zack did me that day was have Iris DiMent on view for me to play).

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