23 April 2008

The Culprit Mail

Egads, the wretched spam even invaded this blog.

It occurs to me that, since these Honesty tradespersons list contact details, I ought to get on to Gmail and report this to someone. Or those UCE.GOV people referred to in the Gmail Help pages. No?

Here's the message which, since you're reading this blog, you may very well have received in your in-box supposedly from me. For which 1,000 groveling apologies.

Dear friend,
      We are so sorry for disturbing your precious time. we are an authorized export wholesaler.
      We mainly supply Laptops, Notebooks, Digital Cameras ,Digital Video,
Televisions,Ipods, Mobiles, PDA, GPS,PS3,PSP and so on. We will supply
the reasonable price and best quality items.
     You could register to be a member of our website. And you can order it online and fill the order letter,or contact us for the items through email.
     If you have any questions,please contact us by the following ways  WEBSITE: http://www.honesty1.com/
  MSN: honesty158@hotmail.com
  EMAIL: honesty158@hotmail.com
Thanks for your golden time.
 Best wishes to you and all your family members.
  Member: 605 EUR
  VIP: 485 EUR
  WD73831 New Mitsubishi DLP True 1080p With Base
  Member: 568 EUR
  VIP: 475 EUR
  Member: 1865 EUR
  VIP: 1670 EUR

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