11 April 2008

Starving Dog as Art

Today's Athens News (11 April 2008) carries a report of a heart-twanging story from 2007 of a Costa Bravan artist who allegedly starved a dog to death as part of his art exhibition.

Muchas weeping and gnashing, of course, and there's even a petition (in Spanish).

I'm always suspicious when Snopes stays on the sidelines.

However, I am also British and we know how to deal with blighters who are horrid to our best friends.

If I was Chuck Bronson and this was Chatopoulos' Land, the gallery would suddenly be announced as closed 'til further notice for essential refurbishment.

When the smell got too much and they broke the door down, the arty Guillermo Vargas would be found artistically handcuffed to a radiator, his outstretched fingers mere inches from food and water.

On the other hand, there's Digg who calls it tosh and just another way of showing what sheep we all are.

Go figure ....

Après Post: Tiens! In response to this post, a reader in murkiest Manila googled and sends me this clip from my very own Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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