01 April 2008

Parlez-vous Panglais?

Or rather, "Milate pangkila;" for them of us out here.

Whatever it is, i trust they find something more graceful than 'panglish'. I winced at Pangloss and I wince at this. Ugh.

So, some prof at Towson University in Maryland USA believes we'll be yammering Panglish in 100 years?

English as she is spoken today will have disappeared and replaced by a global glottal?

Do you know? From wot I hear as I cruise me old 'hoods of Swiss Cottage, Clapham and Kennington, I wouldn't be surprised.

These days, I can hardly understand my own contemporaries, what with their Yo, dude!s and, like, use of like like every third word, like, like know wot I mean chief?

'Pon my soul, I sometimes think that yon Master Headley (whom God preserve) and She-with-the-wan-smile about-to-be made-respectable are the only two remaining stalwartettes with whom I can hold a decent conversagger.

I'm more inclined to heed the New Scientist's observation that "the global form of English is already becoming a loose grouping of local dialects and English-based common languages used by non-native speakers to communicate."

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