25 April 2008


Damn'd nuisance.

Suddenly a few days ago my gmail inbox filled with reports of inability to deliver the below message accompanied by whole swathes of my Contacts list.

A few folks checked with me if it really came from me.

And my entire address book has been deleted.

Dear friend,

We are so sorry for disturbing your precious time. we are an authorized export wholesaler.

We mainly supply Laptops, Notebooks, Digital Cameras ,Digital Video,Televisions,Ipods, Mobiles, PDA, GPS,PS3,PSP and so on.

We will supply the reasonable price and best quality items.

You could register to be a member of our website. And you can order it online and fill the order letter,or contact us for the items through email.

If you have any questions,please contact us by the following ways

  • WEBSITE: http://www.honesty1.com/
  • MSN: honesty158@hotmail.com
  • EMAIL: honesty158@hotmail.com
  • Thanks for your golden time.

    Best wishes to you and all your family members.

  • Golden time - phooey

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