06 April 2008

Nutcase Country

I'm delighted to see the shambly Brits getting their act together to disrupt China's PR stunt for their Genocide Olympics. The Olympic Committee's only chance to have rich governments keep up the funding is to cram the Games with pretension.

If it wasn't a dictatorship, China would never have come up with the $30 billion budget that these Games will cost.

And look at the UK caving in - “Zil lanes” down the Mile End Road for personal limousines ... a disgrace.

And what is this crap about the torch? What “symbol of peace, justice and brotherhood ... bringing people together on its journey of harmony”.

This is Monty Python territory: the mother flame jetted round the world in its own jet; 10 “flame attendants”; its own motorcade; its own hotel room surrounded by guards.

British taxpayers are forking out £1m on eight hours of police overtime all for the lighting of the “Olympic cauldron” at the Millennium Dome.

If this were not the Olympics it would be total nutcase country, with the Witches of the Sabbath and the Flat Earth Society demanding equal time.

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