04 May 2008


It's always flattering to be linked to (as C-K has offered) and I feel churlish begging people not to do so.

I have my reasons.

It particularly hurts when it's a genuine site such as corfu-kerkyra.eu

To show my heart's in the right place, let me offer some minor tweaks on the opening page of this excellent site:

Corfu-Kerkyra.eu has been created with the hope of providing you with the fullest possible guide to the Greek island of Corfu.

Our intention is to provide visitors with all the information they need for a truly unforgettable holiday in this island paradise of Kerkyra.

To make this site easy to use, we've divided our site into different thematic areas, complete with photos and the descriptions that you need:

  • Essential information on accommodation, restaurants and
  • Inside tips of discovering the true Corfu island, its beaches, historical background, museums and rich history and traditions.
  • Let us take you through the charm of Corfu old town.

One of our joys in creating this site was to present Corfu from a fresh angle not tackled by the usual tourist offerings:

  1. Our traditional Corfiot cuisine: here are our best local dishes to make your holidays an insider's gourmet adventure.
  2. Be adventurous! Explore the many islets that surround the main island.

Every summer, we at Corfu-Kerkyra.eu provide an ever-changing choice of the best places to stay; new amusements; and the best traditional restaurants.

We welcome suggestions and updates - this is your guide and we hope you like its style and find it useful.

Welcome to our wondrous island, and thank you for finding our site.

Above all, have yourselves a GREAT HOLIDAY!!

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