29 May 2008


I have heard tell of pretentious areas of England where one actually hears Brit accents braying out the quintessentially American, 'Dude'. If so, this shows how far Albion has sunk.

'Dude' is not a word that *any* non-American can pronounce in convincing fashion, and this was brought home to me by none other than the great Eric Edge (whom God preserve).

I daresay I might have tried it myself - sotto voce - among the cubicles of Decatur or PacMed, but the moment I heard Lord Edge curl his vowels round it, it dropped from my vocab.

I just wish I'd had this clever video around as a tutorial or for EE to critique.

I wonder where that broth of a boy is now (apart from not tending his blog)? Every time I see a 'secret' film festival, I think of queueing and chatting and the suspense of what we were going to see ...

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