14 May 2008

Guitar non-stand Stand

Some show-off in Marko's Club brandishing a geetar mag showing some useless guitar stand with which he plans to look even flash-harryer and twirpier.

It seems that the 'stand' attaches to the back of the guitar and then flips down like some bike stand and is expected to keep the axe balanced.

Was this designed by a working guitarist?

  • I don't want any 'princess and the pea' bump spoiling that rounded flatness of the Fender against me. Know what I mean?
  • And when I put it down, I want to know it's rock steady and *safe*, and that means balanced with something at the neck to stop it keeling over.
  • This stand seems to offer nothing more than 'convenience' - i.e. why make it difficult for a thief by storing it in some inaccessible nook back of the stage, when you can hit the final chord and leave it standing right there as you saunter over to the chick who's been eyeing you from the 2nd row.
  • And it's certainly asking to be tumbled over by the first ruffian roadies who shambles past.

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