11 May 2008

Your Age guessed by How Often You Eat Out

Sounds roobish, don't it? My friends mock me by guessing my deluded age by the age of the daughterly maidens I eat out *with*.

I don't believe they're after me just for a good nosh but it *is* odd how many of them finish their puds, excuse themselves to excuse themselves ... and just don't come back.

Pen and pad handy? See for yourselves:

  • Pick the number of times a week you'd fancy eating out (more than once but less than 10 times)
  • Multiply by 2
  • Add 5
  • Multiply by 50
  • If you've had your birthday this year, add 1758 ... if not, add 1757.
  • Subtract the four digit year of yr birth
  • You should now have a three digit number: The first digit is your original number - how many times you'd like to eat out - and the remaining two are Your Age.
Admit yourselves gobsmacked if not totally flabbergasted.


Simon Baddeley said...

We did that at school. The date of birth is the hook 'as any fule no' who does algebra. Another puzzle. What's happened to Domina Graecia's blog? I'm missing his ascerbic musings on Greece. S

Busker said...

i'm not sure what's up with Theophilos Xenos.

a chap who quotes Molesworth, 'pon my soul ... bravo!

squire baddeley sounds a most *clubabble* man, to be sure.