06 November 2008

Anjali Rao

anjali rao

Is there a fan club for Ms Rao? There should be.

Note my genuine interest and respect: I post only the most demure pic of this comely damsel.

Ms Rao is above cheap treatment.

She is always good and never better than her recent interview ex-Clinton chief of staff, Thomas 'Mack' McLarty in which she asked all the right questions about the tricky transition of outgoing/incoming White House teams.

Thank the Saint of Maidens she was not around the Hong Kong media scene many moons back! A certain Dorian Gray newscaster stalked the land and all sweet things succumbed to his charms. Ms Rao would certainly have been gobbled up and never heard of again.

Actually, if Ted's still going, I have no doubt he steered his zimmer in La Rao's direction - and been most charmingly rebuffed with a delightful giggle.

Paws off, Taffy - she's ours.

I shall post more on this talented lady - and it will be serious stuff, nothing to satisfy those prurient googlers out there, searching for sexy pics.

Fie on you naff busybodies!

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