05 November 2008

review of ioanna in athensplus

Greek Gestures

A must-read and possibly the answer to many Xmas gift posers: the talented Ioanna Antoniou-Kritikou has come out with a lexicon of gestures and expressions.

Says it's in Greek but Vivienne Nilan's review in Athensplus (scroll, scroll down to page 14) talks of a handy glossary that "matches the meanings conveyed by the gestures to their equivalents in English, Albanian, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian."

That sounds fun and rather useful for next summer when we'll be once more teeming with outlandish nationalities with whom I will take great satisfaction in communicating in their mutha gestures.

"Epikoinono sta Ellinika: Ennoiologiko lexico heironomion kai ekfraseon" comes from Ellinika Grammata publishers and does indeed sound to fit Ms Nilan's description of the book I wish I'd seen before I arrived.

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