14 November 2008


This blog is not in the business of being polite or flattering and I don't intend to start now.

It's not even in the business of being read so I don't know why I bother with pompous explanations.

I've just had fun reading the informative official blog of our efficient and attractive British Vice Consul, Mrs Sarah Ticherou.

Being "official" and under the aegis of the FCO, ST has to watch her comments and commas - hence its slightly earnest tone - but that doesn't hinder her interesting picture of the training she underwent and her conscientious approach to the job.

When next I find myself huddled with gossipy malcontents blathering on about imagined failings of our Foreign Office, I shall point them at Sarah's scribblings and do my usual shimmer orft in the direction of a stiff drink.

Good little piece by Steve Hale on a subject I've often pondered about: why should a diplomat blog?

To me, for anyone in the diplomatic corps to put finger to keyboard is running a huge risk of treading in the mire *somewhere* down the line. It's such a protocol-bound sensitive world that someone somewhere is usually offended by something one says.

I imagined some brisk career diplomatic going, "OK, chaps, it's good for PR if we show we've half a calf in the 21st century, so i want you all to start blogging like mad and heaven help any of you who put a word wrong. Right - carry on and don't forget that the old man is watching."


rwells said...

I don't know about you Brits, but whenever I read about soldiers that are "fighting for our country," I can never quite figure out what that means. Now I assume we're talking Iraq, and a few other shit holes that aren't on the front page (even Iraq isn't on the front page anymore,) and I suppose the Bushian case of "we can either fight them over there or over here," might win a few yes sir's,but... It seems to me the last time any Yank or Brit actually fought for their country was WWII. Oh, the word verification below is "anger." Apt, eh?

Sibadd said...

I love the juxtaposition of the Guildford and someone who looks closely related. He was a good man. Can I steal this JPG?

Busker said...

yes, go ahead

Busker said...

But do spell the good man Guilford sans 'd'.

Sibadd said...
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Sibadd said...

Your image of Guilford is proving popular
Who is the distinguished man with matching profile in your photo? Or was he just there? Somehow i don't think so.

Busker said...

First he was just there. Then I introduced myself to him at the cocktail party that followed. Some retired tea planter or something - i forget - lives in Isle of Man but pops over to Kerkyra for the odd event. This one was the unveiling by Lee Durrell of the two busts of Larry and Gerry.