07 November 2008


Thank goodness I recently subscribed to one of those monitors that alert one to links of interest. I'd not have known otherwise that my own silly blog had been outed and would have tootled on oblivious.

This *is* a silly blog and never meant to be read, particularly by anyone close to me.

I'm taking a sabbatical as I rethink.

I have no doubt that I'll hear more from the last people I want to stumble upon these bleatings.

No comment. And if you happen upon a particular post that puzzles or offends ... none of it is true. Pure invention. Every word a fib, including 'and' and 'the'.


Sibadd said...

Oh sh*t x 10. Was this my fault - mentioning you in my meanderings? Or was it the blog-spreader gadget. It's galling this. If Pepys had had our technology he wouldn't have written what the ages enjoy. I realise that there nothing to stop people keeping private blogs (like a diary but on their own computer backed up to disk) You can still use images and the magic of the hyperlink that isn't available in a written journal) and the ability to index and do light speed cross referencing inside a large body of text. Those that matter to you get their own copies (expensively printed out) on a couple of 50p disks. If very few are reading your blog (as you wish) the only people saddened are those few - and at the end of the year I/they could, like spies,agree a drop box (or leave it in the back of a taxi)where I could pick up my reading for the year on a CD 'I found'. Just some thoughts. You are a bizarre phenomenon - a writer who doesn't want to be read - or perhaps only by one very special person only you know about. S

Busker said...

No, mate. To put your mind at rest, it wasn't you. All my own goof.

Nor is there a special person. A multitude of Muses, few of whom are even aware of my scribblings and I'd hoped to keep it that way.

I need to sort a few things out anyway; I had this coming.

Thanks for the kind words. I'll resurface.

rwells said...

Oh no! First Obama wins and the f-ing never ending campaign ends leaving me with much less to do during morning coffee, now you go underground. Jeezus, before you know it Dylan will stop touring, and life as we know it will really come to a screaming halt. This is really unfair. It's girls, isn't it? I knew this would happen. You and girls is like whiskey and gunpowder. G-damn it!

PS: Speaking of girls - well, married women - had coffee with Rebecca Vaux this a.m.

Busker said...

It is not enTIRELY girls. I've been playing silly buggers out here and ... well.
Ah, rvaux. I must email her and see what's up.

Sibadd said...

I'm switching to Wells for the mo'