23 November 2008

police van afire

Tip-ping Point

More fisticuffs between Lefkimi locals and the brutal riot rozzers over the proposed open refuse dump.

During the demo that blocked the way of the bulldozers, the fuzz threatened to drive over the sit-in.

The locals fought back, torching a police van and trapping two riot policemen whom they disarmed and stripped nekkid.


Simon Baddeley said...

What is unolding at Lefkimi is beginning to take the form of an event with heroes and villains with rather greater significance than the Agni conversations in August

Busker said...

well said.

rwells said...

From this side it sounds like a just cause, and once again the tools of the ruling class over-react - riot cops run riot. I'd like to be able to crack wise about this, but it sounds way to serious for jokes.

Busker said...

actually, there is quite some sentiment about their using riot police here to crush a butterfly when they hold back elsewhere, on the mainland, ballsing it up in Crete.
good measured comment.