15 October 2010


The famous sexist interview where the divine Dame Helen Mirren slams that oozy faux Yorkshireman, 'Sir' Michael Parkinson.

I dealt with his show providing authors for him to patronise in that hybrid ever-changing accent.

He was horrid to his staff and I tried to deny him my more sensitive and classy writers.

Dame Helen is gorgeous - still is - and I bet her new movie is spiffing.


fotoLibrarian said...

I took "Sir" Parky to lunch at the Ivy many years ago. Three of us; me, his producer the estimable John Fisher, and the Great Parky. He did not address a word to me throughout the lunch, as I was merely a publicist and therefore beneath contempt, despite providing lunch and the lead guest for five of his shows in succession. The man is a boor, a bully and a toady, a terrible advertisement for Yorkshire manhood.

Corfucius said...

Thanks! That wouldnt have been 'magician' John Fisher in whose earlier avatar he published for Muller a bestselling book of magic tricks?

well, sir - we know you're a 'neath-contempt PR hack which is why marketing managers TALK VERY LOUDLY over you at meetings. (see, i do listen to you). i got the treatment from Manderson père but i had a secret weapon in my assistante who could scratch with her makeup - as do u now since joining with Super Heroine Aviatrix Gurl.

when i was watching Kickass/HitGirl with Anna, I winked at her, "i know how those 2 ended up."

les jeunes! they dont know how it was back when Whitefriars stalked the land - RIP.

Ayup lad - i used to *dream* of a lumberjack jacket - and then a saintly scribbler enshrined me forever in his Diary Too Far.

Good times. Another 16 pints, Doris.
i agree in re bad ad for Gods Own county.

fotoLibrarian said...

The very same John Fisher, whose most impressive trick was looking you straight in the eye as you talked, while underneath the table he was taking down a blind transcription of the conversation in shorthand. Astounding, accurate and worrying.