25 October 2010

Stonewalling Stonehenge

~ Muscle Call ~


Red alert, Corfucian Expendables ~ heavy mob division.

Steel-capped Bovver Puppies support needed for my kinsman Gwyn 'Dai Libra' Headley.


Run don't walk to click here and everywhere else your righteous indignation takes you.

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    Gwyn and his noble team received the following email from English Heritage:

    "We are sending you an email regarding images of Stonehenge in your fotoLibra website.

    Please be aware that any images of Stonehenge can not be used for any commercial interest, all commercial interest to sell images must be directed to English Heritage."

    Quoth Gwyn,

    It’s kind of them to think of us, but this raises a number of questions:

    1. Firstly, what legitimacy do they have for this claim?

      Is there any law that states that it is illegal to use images of Stonehenge for any commercial interest?

      Can someone direct me to it?

    2. Secondly, if an image of Stonehenge is so used, how could they possibly police the usage?

    A quick browse through a number of rights-managed and royalty-free online picture libraries produced the following:

  • iStockPhoto (a US owned company) has 513 images of Stonehenge
  • Fotolia (US) has 648 images of Stonehenge
  • Dreamstime (US) has 670 images of Stonehenge
  • Shutterstock (US) has 737 images of Stonehenge

    These are mainly rights managed.

    Rights managed images are essentially designed for a specific and time limited usage, and they’re more controlled and controllable than RF images.

  • Has every picture library with images of
    Stonehenge received this email?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    CORFUCIOSI ~ time to come out of retirement and do that thang you do.

    Tiptoe up to the attic, remove the loose floorboard.

    Lift out that leather chest you swore to the missus you'd never touch again.

  • The kwerty cutlass
  • The Strani Special kwik-draw laser-phraser keyboard.
    By the poignard of Penthesilea, it feels good to the touch!
    As if you've never been parted.
  • Kalamata-flavoured cyanide pill in case you fall into Heritage hands.

    Go to 't, lads.


  • Speedy response from Anon, pointing us here
  • Dumpedhenge: Damn my siren posts.
    I repeat it on facebook and in a trice my adorèd Cass comments, "Oh he's way funnier than you. I'm dropping you and picking him up."


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    Peter Moss said...

    Somebody ought to knock English Heritage over the noggin with what Flanders and Swann used to call "one of them henges". What right have they got to monopolise images of a 4500-year-old monument? I was taking pictures of Stonehenge during my national service on Salisbury plain in the 50s, long before English Heritage was born. Crawl back into your cradle you codswallopers.