21 October 2010


Comments and fotos to follow.

I need to study this and come up with some bright ideas.

I'm already working on my christmas hit for crooning round the salons.

The trouble is, my Muse keeps wanting to hear snatches and keeps commenting "Oh, I like the way you took that melody for the chorus from my favourite Oasis song" or "So clever to make the instrumental from that Kate Perry song - it fits so well."


Number 2 daughter cannot stand Mrs Muse and defends me fiercely:

"My dad doesn't listen to Oasis. My dad's never heard of Kate Perry."

"Oh I say, darling, don't make me out to be quite such a fuddy-duddy."

"Dad! All I'm saying is you're cool and you don't have to copy from anyone."

Muse: But he must get his ideas from someone, sweetie ... it wouldn't be natural if he wrote them all himself. People don't do that. Anyway, I know I've heard some of those chords from somewhere ..."

"Dad - where do you get some of your chords from?"

"OK - I take all my chords from Jimmy 'Joe' Potts - the Frinton years * Cherwell to the Cam * Post-grad Blues * Doc Potts sings the Best of Frankie 'Ray' Leavis - I take the first chords from track 1, second from track 2, 3rd from track 3, and so forth."

"Yeh, that's what he does."

Glare hiss spit.

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