16 March 2011

10 Must-know Blues Riffs

Holy Trinity Corfu is having a hootenanny Friday June 3, 8pm.

  • The Vicar's wife knew how to haul me out of retirement ~ tell me that OBE-wan Big Jim Potts o'Blooz had agreed to top the billing, and I'm right there.

    So I'm frantically digging up crib sheets.


    Corfu Bluesman said...

    Just took my Taylor guitar to the music shop. The action needs lowering, and new strings are required. The same for my Epiphone.
    No wonder I have a sore thumb. I forgot to close the window when trying out Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody". I'm glad I wasn't the next door neighbour. At least you can practise in peace!

    Corfucius said...

    i have a 2nd fender that badly needs action lowering if i dont want to keep picking a fender sitar.
    people stop me and tell me theyll be at the jam.

    you have a TAYLOR?? bastard. i had a taylor that played itself $2000. had to sell it but to a pal. god i loved that one.

    whee! cant wait.