03 March 2011


I'm absolutely fascinated by the behaviour of Deportivo Pereira defender, Luis Moreno, in heartlessly booting the opposition's live owl mascot off the pitch.

See for yourself - I wouldn't invent such a disgraceful story.

You see Atletico Junior's mascot take a ball in the beak near the Pereira penalty area ... then Moreno simply comes along and boots the still stunned hibou off the pitch - and off this mortal coil.

I'm not surprised the Panamanian player "has since become a hate figure in Colombia" and nor would I be surprised if we read ere long of a 'Birds' style attack on Moreno by a peck mob parliament of owls.

Owls being night creatures, they'll make it a crepuscular ambush and witnesses will speak of their romantic dusk rendezvous being spoiled by a figure staggering out of the undergrowth clawing in agony at empty bloodied eye sockets as feathers float around him.

This is the sort of payback those Columbians can arrange without missing a single sachet of java.

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