20 March 2011

Murder on Mavili

Jammin' on Heaven's door

June 3 is the date you want to aim for ~ all sorts of good stuff to prove the Devil does indeed have the best sounds.

I'm rehearsing up because I'll be playing my own songs and religiosi chansons from Hank and anyone else who's gone gospel.

I'm sure I can dredge some of the Bobster that'll offend the faithful.

Many more details to be posted here so watch this space.

  • Tell yer friends, tell yer foes, there'll be stompin' in the aisles and anything goes.

  • We'll have the chicken wire up and the bouncers knuckled and dusted so bring your best congregational hollers and hecklings.

    I know a few musicians are passing thru from Blighty and there may even be a few of my old seattle strummers can make a detour.

    And of course I'll be practising to join in with Jim Potts [see below] and Raul where I can.

    I'm all a tizzy at the very thought.

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