16 March 2011


~ PC Plod nab three poppets picking park petunias ~

Good God if I looked like that and had made such a blithering twat of myself over two little girls picking flowers, I would hightail it out of Poole and resign every councillorship that I had besmirched.

Anyway, it seems to point to the doddery Peter Adams having been mercifully retired away from causing further official mischief.

And fer gawd's sake take down the pointers that he

"lives in Whitecliff with wife Brenda. He has two daughters Yvonne and Cheryl, 2 grandsons George and Alfie and a grand daughter Jasmine."

Look at the gormless leathery creep - you'd think he'd brought enough shame and mockery on those around him without inviting pillory and contempt on the rest of his pack.

I refuse to believe that someone who behaves like this would be allowed to affect the title of 'Governor' of Poole and Bournemouth College, or that he 'represents' Poole Councils on any sort of committee.

And I'd stop talking about hidden agendas.

If 'Supporting officer' Pauline Gill knows her job, she'll change Adams' 'phone and email pretty damn'd quick.

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