14 March 2011


No, nothing new about our national treasure. I just need a place to hang this article so I can point people to it who keep asking me a run-down of John.

Latest news is that he'll be back in Corfu around May depending on this and that.

For the past 4 weeks I've been typing 'Sir' John - much deserved but I'm not sure who's telling me this ....

All this flurry of activity has been stirred by a call to Mum from a senior diplomat re-enlisting her aid for a proposed re-visit to Corfu in 2012 by members/holders/whatevers of the CMG order.

Uh ohh, as the workshy would say. Also, I must speed to alert our vice-consul, the ebullient Sarah Ticherou, whose name and office and facilities I already hear maman committing to the 2012 gig.

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