20 December 2011


Ha! I'll dust that CorfuBluesMan's yuletide broom for him!

[Thanks for e-greet from chilliest Dorset, by the way; might as well get that in and multi-task: blues to bread 'n' butter]

My brother and I share a delight in campy white Brit blues from back before the real deals came along. Clapton tells the story of his salad days when a bloke up his street ordered all these Chess records from over yonder. Eric and his mates knocked on his door and he brought his latest LP to show these pimply pluckers ... and they just stood there and gazed, silent on a doorstep in Crouch End.

Speaking of stoutism, my dad was a secret chap in the far east, all hush hush n all, and was dating my mum who was back in Oz. Being in luhve n all, his mind was a bit gaga n he sent her a message saying he felt like stout Cortez, hint hint at where he was but not likely for johnny to twig.

Mum was like - well, mum-like cept she wasnt a mum yet - and she wanted to let dad know she wasnt a total thicko so she replied blurting proudly on his reference.

Poh poh! If dad was to be believed, this blew the whole Pacific Theatre plans sky high, scramble scramble, might as well have sent the Japs map co-ordinates of every BAAG agent west of Kowloon. Always loved that story. Bit like 'Peccavi' and some rogue rajah replying in kind in fluent Latin ("Kennedy-sahib, I too was at Radley, Mr Knatchbull's class, year behind you.")

Back to the clip, always fascinating to see those oldies of Keef when he had a face.

Just kiddin', Massa Potts. Wouldnt do that to you.


Corfu Bluesman said...

Should it be Dust my Broom,
or Dust my Room?

Happy Holidays. I'm counting on you keeping me entertained and on finding more good music every day! Not much on TV to compete with the Wolf.


Corfucius said...

actually, 'Dyson mah room' is the working title.

nope, the Wolf owned it.

happy hols to you, too, and i will be surfing the byways for potts-grade stuff. just about to post a 'best of' clips with a wonderful talking dog clip. check out the howls as his master hits the buttons. charlie sheen clip good, too - how DO they edit so well?