05 December 2011


- Charlie Brooker's 'Black Mirror' -

lydia 'princess susanna' wilsonI read everything that clever Charles Brooker writes.

Here he excels himself: not a word wrong, masterly delivery by a spot-on cast. Rory sublime as PM.

Listen to his wife's delivery of part 1's closing line,

"Can I have a word?"

  • Next Scenes, the mirror blackeneth.

  • Denouement.

  • Best actor ~ LYDIA WILSON.

    Everyone is top-notch but a huge bouquet to the talented Ms Wilson [pictured above in more relaxed demeanour] who plays the kidnapped Princess Susannah.

    Dude, that's what I call weeping ~ and catch her at the end as the happy bride.

  • lydia wilsonAn astonishing powerful performance.

    Nay, astonishing powerful production all round.

    The final minutes ... oh poh poh. Tense, thought-provoking.

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