16 December 2011


~ Yellow fever vaccine disgrace ~

Go now.

Google 'Malcolm Brabant yellow fever' - and I'm ashamed to my roots not to have kept current with this hero journalist - then dash out and pick up today's 16 Dec Athens News, Thrasy Petropoulos's page 13 story of how this consummate news sleuth has, allegedly, had his life wrecked by Stamaril/Sanofi Pasteur vaccine

[I blush to see the name Pasteur appear in the same line].

  • Read up for yourselves and, as I say, I'm ashamed I hadnt competently set my RSS's and all those feeders they offer you to catch this earlier.

    Google gawp and petition. Kick some major e-ass for all the ace reports you've benefited from thanks to this fearless journo of the old school. The real stuff.


  • Most respected ~ Daily Mail

  • I cannot read the references to Jesus. I cannot imagine the pain of his family and wife, Trine Villemann.

    This larger-than-life master of his trade.

    Malcolm and I spoke a few times on the phone and shared emails and I always looked forward to when our diaries fitted and we'd knock back a few beers on the San Luca terrace ... I mean, fuck it, what's going on?

  • Chris Hitchens gathered

  • Malcolm laid cruelly low.

    Le Bon Dieu up there, taking his eye off the ball. Not good enough. Losing the plot. Flubbing it.

    Ack ptui, room galore for serious improvement.

    Do it: add your voices.

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