14 December 2011


  • One of my favorite blues whose words are so good that, despite my own fluting fauntleregal voice, I sneak up to the bedroom with the Ovation and sing it out over the Gouvia badlands.

  • Do listen to the reference to "been to the nation and round the territo'"

  • Likewise going to the big house and he dont even care ... he might get 4 or 5 years, Lord he might get the chair."

  • Going to the Nation ... round the territo' ~ lor' lumme, first time i heard that i started lopping words wherever i could. Soo cool.

    My wife snapped "What's all this 'Going to the supermar' ... pickin' up the laun'?"

    Fast as a striking scor', I snapped back, "And round the territo'."

    Wordpla', dudes!

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