14 December 2011


Euhh, spoke out of turn. Dog house.

Key won't fit the door, phone off the hook.

The dulcet tones of John Lee will bring her round.


Corfu Bluesman said...

No idea what this is about, but you've posted some good blues recently. Keep me going over Christmas!

Corfucius said...

thats what im after, posting good blues and using my time well.

this silly post was reaction to making a goof with someone im actually very fond of. she called me an ass among other things so i dug out this foto of when an ass tumbled into our pool, and the song because thats what i should be singing to her. have to let her simmer a bit first. she thought we were going to have xmas together but mum too weak to go to italy so pete is coming here and all plans shelved. cheers!