13 June 2012


I do like Taki. He writes exactly what he thinks and I'm constantly taken aback by some of the provocative remarks he put out there - perhaps the Spectator is less widely read than I thought.

"The tragedy is that the same criminals who ruined the country to begin with are about to be reelected on June 17th. The criminals led by Antonis Samaras currently have 26%; the left-wing bluffer and con man Alexis Tsipras has 20%. Talk about Scylla and Charybdis!

After the military regime’s 1974 collapse, two of Greece’s greatest con men and crooks, Karamanlis and Papandreou, played musical chairs with the premiership for twenty years. The nephew and son of the two con men also became prime ministers, but Papa Junior was honest—that’s why he only lasted two years. Karamanlis Junior was a fat slob who matched Andreas Papandreou in corruption and in fiddling the books. His successor as head of the center-right New Democracy party, Samaras, is like a rattlesnake, except the snake gives off a warning. Samaras is a born traitor and opportunist, but he’s most likely the next prime minister of Greece."

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