06 June 2012


Cat-flap to Corfu, right thru winter.

This comes courtesy of Sinbad of Democracy Street who's not allowed by Lady Carrie to post it on his bunting-bedecked blog lest it lower the tone.

"Let them read Corfucius!" was her ringing proclamation.

OK by me. I'll print anything.

Actually this is exactly the sort of sinister clip I like to run.

Lawd have mercy, I could fly that baby from Corfy Towers right down to Hoppy's Hankering Muralium ("Bijouterie and Bunting to the Gentry"), pick up a pebble or twae, then across the road to t' Navi' where Baz would attach a ChiliBurger to the feline undercarriage and up n away, back to the patio where I'll be enjoying a aperitiffin Mojito or three.

Life be good.


Corfucius said...

thanks to sinbad for keeping this post honest and sending me to an unblocked clip.

Simon Baddeley said...

Latest bid for the cat-copter - £100,000, Nearly as much as the drones sent to blow up people in Afghanistan.