28 June 2012


~ a corner of Staffs bibulous and babe-free ~

I've still not visited the The Holly Bush Inn but it sounds a splendid haven and will be my first stop on my next visit to northern blustery Blighty.

Bravo the Holly ... discreetly discouraging, defiantly discerning.

I'm amused that, no sooner does splendid TripAdvisor point us straight on the Bush's sanity-saving policy, than news emerges of Thomson Hols (Corfu) being busted bang-2-rights for fibbing about some Ermones hostelry actually promising zero tolerance of brats and then reneging on this God-given law.

atlantica grand meditIn fact, here's what TripAdvisor says about the pretentiously named Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort.

And here's what naughty Thomson themselves put out.

I just knew it had to be too good to be true, an oasis away from ankle biters ... and the loathsome specimens they grow into.

Mealy-mouthed references ~ not selling to under-16s and not being 'obliged to take local bookings from families with children in the future.'

Which 16-yr-old books this sort of accommodation, ditto how many local families? Same old weasel words and buck passing.

I bet there's a whole industry in taking trusting folks' money under punk-free pretenses and then exploding their dreams with a tsunami of troglodyte scruffs charging around.

I hope the full weight of ASA law descends on these vauriens de vacances.

  • Feign safety from rape, pillage and watery hooch, fair 'nuff ~ anyone can make a bish.

  • Break a promise of freedom from pestilent yoof and that's it. We're talking class-action boycott and bovver-booted Golden Dawn vigilantes tramping up manicured drives.
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