21 June 2012


Just check it out, all i ask. infectious fun.

  • the rehearsals required!
  • her lovely giggle laugh reactions
  • choreography! everyone in line
  • the moves on that gal in red - yeahh.
  • nice song, BeachBoysie
  • what a cast list.
  • terribly clever to have people come in from behind her so she never knows who's lined up. the whole street must have closed for this ensemble
  • Teensy pity the mirror top right to show her reactions wasn't full on her.

    I was smiling throughout. That's a big deal for me, hence my sharing.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    This is so good. Such a lovely mix of the rehearsed and spontaneous. This is when I so like YouTube and the internet, for allowing the invention of original ways of doing old things. The ceremonies of innocence aren't all drowned and now and then the centre holds! X S

    Corfucius said...

    good man. good comment.