11 January 2013


Lawd have mercy, it's got dangerous to tote a keyboard these days.

Had a kindly lady up to care for me and, espying my hot new 'puter, she sat down to play and burrow and next thing I knew she was demanding why i hadnt told her about corfu blues and why it wasnt on my RSS speed-dial?

Cute little thang, didnt think she'd even know about those low-down blès.

Didn't dare tell about Jim's own CDs that he dropped orf that time then.

So, check the dude out and subscribe and all that and cite me like heck as the Mistah Coolissimo who pointed you in the right direction.

Worse, when i said i'd blog un peu about her beef, i couldnt find any photos.

"You dont have photos?"
"Um er ... none under 'Potts', eh? That's odd.

Try 'Corine'"

Oh poh poh and double pop goes the weasle ~ a Bible's worth there. Natch, ulp.

Where woz I? Right, 'fessing up to not having linked intravenously to that lanky blues boy's page of pages.

Speaking of links, seeing as how James's such a queen-maker and he's given a plug to the svelte Greek Gaperine, I'd better chuck in mention of Maddy Marge Magikades, too.

That whomever onna left ~ ain't Maddie.


Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

Never miss a good posting!

Pity about the photos...

You'd better catch up on all the ones you've missed.

Just back in Dorset after a month in the USA

Corfucius said...

actually all the photos are here, just misfiled, but none of my photos is where i think they are, i name the file with confidence but then forget why i chose the combination. in corine's case, that concert is remembered for her so everyone and thing that was photographed is under her name. i read yr usa diary. super n super pics.