11 January 2013



  • Friendly little blog popped up on the radar the other day that struck me as interestingly literate:

  • The World from my Window

    ~ Tales from a Big Fat Greek Gap Year ~

    with the somewhat pleading message on the Corfu Grapevine,

    "Please leave a comment - it makes this needy blogger feel wanted and worthwhile."
    Hmm - if not ugh.

  • To show how soft I've become, I even dropped a comment about what a pleasant, literate surprise to come across her dulcet writings. Later removed, natch.

    But the the Viners were on it like Flint, challenging the very existence of any such Dorset village as Lush Places and also querying Agios Magikades.

  • Rumbled and busted but no harm done because it turns out to be none other than Margery Hookings one-time editrice of the Bridport and Lyme Regis News ... and much else.

  • See for yourself, and also watch out for the nom-de-blogue Maddy Grigg.

  • No wonder Ms Hookings came across as the sort of canny scribbler for whom my agenty publishy pals west and westerer ask me to keep an eye peeled.

    Actually, the peeling eye is becoming less and less APPealing as I grow grouchier and defatigabler and impossibler to please.

    When I mentioned 'Worldy Window' to a soi-disant literatus up in the wilds of Acharavi, I made the mistake of expressing myself 'pleasantly surprised' to come across such literate and precise prose.

    "Why surprised?" he pounced, "don't you think people write out here?"

    I assured him I was all too aware that the island was stuffed with tappers, just that I didn't mix in those circles or they kindly kept damn'd quiet about it.

    But my book-biz Bloomsbury confrères are right: they have to prise suggestions/recommendations from my keyboard.

    But at least they've stopped accusing me of daily coming across gems and keeping them hidden for thicker pickings via those Young Turk thrusters they breed across the Pond.

    But back to Bridport Marge multi-Musing from her Magi-cadenced fenêtre:

    "In October 2012, I'm exchanging my life in the Dorset village of Lush Places, in the heart of England's rural underbelly, for twelve months in the north Corfu village of Agios Magikades. It's going to be My Big Fat Greek Gap Year."

    Good for her and possibly good for us.

    Quite a gal, she turns out ...

    • 1999, first female editor of the Bridders & Lymers
    • Worked on the Gemma Lawrence abduction story - the first journa to sleuth it after a tip-off
    • The 'sad case' of Jo Ramsden, a young Bridport woman who went missing in 1992.
    • "As editor, she instigated the Terry Collin Award - a competition to recognise sporting stalwarts.

    An energetic lady and versatile: also run a pub and worked in PR.

    Bit of a pity her cover has been blown because I would have liked to read what she posted from anonymity ~ not that anyone lettery becomes inconveniently lionised or recognised over here.

    I expect she'll settle down as a favourite Grape Vine mascot and commentateuse; I just hope not yet.

    Some promising signs that'll keep me reading more - apart from her sharp eye and pleasant style:

    • I absolutely applaud the campaign to restore The Spirit of Bridport on signs welcoming visitors to the town.

      The image of the flaxen-haired woman sitting on a throne is a detail from a mural in Bridport Town Hall painted by Fra. Newbery, a founder of the renowned Glasgow School of Art.

      In the 1950s/'60s, it was adapted for the town road signs.

    • It was Margery who mistress-minded a Facebook campaign calling for the town’s symbol to be returned to its rightful place.

    • Said Margery:
      “This town deserves better – she’s beautiful and we want her back.”
    • I like it that she has time and space to plug one of my favourites, The Ionian Magazine
    • Lawd have merceh! Even the corfu blueshombre makes mention of Maddie Magikades! Lucky I checked; for that matter, lucky I've updated him on my sidebar.

      Oh well, she's laffing then, in't she? Calls for a song.

    • Quirky Imagination: My eye was particularly caught by Hookings' LinkedIn entry where she answers the question,
      "My goal?

      To continue what I do and do well, quietly, methodically and with a constant supply of quirky imagination.

      My work, rather than me, tends to shout for itself.

      Now living and writing in Corfu, Greece."

    Rather good. Interesting to see which way this one goes.
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