14 January 2013


July 28 1920 ~ Saturday January 14 2012, 2315hrs

My father had been dead for 19 years when I first heard this excellent Iris Dement song, so I'd missed that boat.

But it's such a superb composition and rendering that I always kept it in my mind to do something with when my mother passed on.

A once-in-a-deathtime window - it's not like those palindrome dates that only come round once in a lifetime - but they do come round.

You miss this one, bro', and it is gone.

Motherless Child. Another beautiful song to cram in quick before the day's over.

Nobody sings it with the grandeur of Paul.

  • Trivia Just woke up to the fact that both my parents died on the 14th of the month, Dad 14th June 1981, my mother 14th January 2012.
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