18 January 2013


Loving my inspiring Greek lessons.

Loving my donnish παιδαγωγός, Alekos.

Loving my fellow pupils: Adrian [not in foto], spouse Sarah [blonde at table avec skulos at heel]; Linda (purple pullie), Christine [just the sweeetest lady, svelte, looks scholarly, grey pullie], Natasha [nif, enchanting Scots accent], newbie Hollondaise belle, Esther (swotting sto grapheio].

Warned them all this bonhomie endeth when smartie-poo Sinbad joins us, spouting Seferis. Mayhap Carrie will have him a leetle elenkò, but counteth not on it. Painted horrific pic of the Lord of rue Demo.

Right argy-bargy last week when Aleko's new words included 'girizo' for 'return' [can't even find it in google translate] but then changed his tune and said it could also mean 'turn' as with a wheel.

Two completely different meanings, far as I'm concerned.

Like, supposing i have kosta down by the orchard ready for my command to turn on the hose, and i want him to return to the house for briefing?

'Girizei!' I bark, and the honest rustic i've telling him to let blast - "Ready when you are, Mr Meyer" - i'm meaning 'get the fuck back to the Megalo Spiti ...

Christine asked about Επιστροφές. Shake of donnish beard, no, forget that word.

Right, thought I, get the harem on this before Don Democracy arrives and pernounces. Couldn't stand that.

Paketo ~ packet of cigs. 'casadine?', offer I, flourishing my casadina of karelia agrino.

Too italian, i will be laughed at. Fair nuff; served me for 6 years. Live n learn.

I go into tabac and ask for a paketo. Madeleine looks confused, 'changed your brand?' She runs her hand down the shelf, no those to the right. oh, you mean the casadina.

Esther, left.

Done no justice by my lens.

Back to Maddie sto tabac, I tell her 'casadina' is discredited, too italian. I will be laughed at.

She tells me, save time, it is a casadina, or you will be laughed at.

PHOTOS ~ so that Mr Baddeley can turn up and, mid hisses, ooze.

("This the berk u was talking about, Chris?")

Thanks to me he can now greet with aplomb,

"And you must be Linda, and you Sarah ... do i detect a scottish burr ... Natasha?

... and over there must be Esther, nose buried in this week's homework."

'Ayup, Chris - you was right ... we got a right smarmer etho.'

Mission accompli.

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