29 January 2013


Ridiculous. Used to wake and sprint to 'puter to check out Asian Babes and Grecian Gargoyles ("Just updating on the Economist news flashes, mum; be at breakfast in a trice").

Now it's CorfuBlues, and that's Jimbo onna right there, hate tho' I do to give a fellow fret wrangler a plug.

How have the mighty agèd ... even my personal trainer is cutting me down to three cranks of the tremolo per chanson. 

I tease my buddies, hear their flatbed truck coming up the drive, quick, shove on a Potts special; they walk in on some decent blues. 

Or they walk in on Larry riffing on Layla ~ fuck-a-duck, will you listen to that boy blow. Shot in the neck in a drive-by, came back shredding.

Where was I, cranking out massa Potts: "Man! This is like hot! Where the album case? I got to order me this 'un from Amazon."

I give them my 'look'.

"This ain't no album case, this hot from Jimmy Potts' blog blè, nuthin' posted older than 6 weeks, Lord have mercy."

They get up singing n cryin'. 

Jimmy Potts heard his readers, heard my baby, too. (see left)

Put it by the bread bin.


Corfu Blues said...

Fair exchange!

Much appreciated

Corfucius said...

deserved. Actually 'Panter' Potts fits perfectly in the blues pantheon. or it could be 'Patha' potts like earl fatha hines. anyway, strum on brutha. love to maria xx