18 February 2013


Whoo hoo! My kind of post. loony but concise.

  • Sleepless white night, half nightmaring about DEH cutting off my elecvtricity.

  • Phoned London pal to discuss lodgings if/when I go over but ended up sidetracked discussing explanation of 'surprised and shocked' and leaving it to the legal beagles here and in UK who drafted the oath.

  • Tried to get back into rented DVD of Source Code but could not get my head round it and conscience pricking about delaying on sorting contents of house for dumping/donating/selling/pricing on net/offering to pals ... all a bit overwhelming.
  • Took pity on Sam and walked him in the drizzle which he loved, sniffing and cocking. 
  • Gunshots which reminded me of Grapevine alert about a hunter shooting 'horizontally' which reminded me to keep the gates closed against this outbreak of robberies.
  • Back inside and video still playing, no less comprehensible but pretty-boy Jake Gyllenhaal looking even more like Zach Works' less grizzled younger brother.
  • Vera Farmiga mis-cast but hot as ever. Made note to take out that Clooney/Vera flick where they meet as seasoned travelers and he looks her up and finds she has a family etc.
  • Freezin' fingers but give the guitar a strum which grounds me a bit. Wonderful acoustics in the hall and I strum rather than pick 'View of the Cross', mis-remember the chord change to the 'Gethsemane' and go to a F# minor which absolutely fits, as most of my 'wrong' chords do.
  • Switch from DVD to news that tells me Mindy McReady is dead of self-inflicted. Who she? I Youtube Guys do it all the time but none the wiser or impressed.  
  • Write shopping list and remember brown sugar cubes and bayonet light bulbs.
  • Light fire for Sam and Koutsi and check email which prompts me to pour a Bloody Mary which leads to cigs whose butts I empty into plastic bag. Set fire to bag with careless ember. Dunk smoking bag in rain-filled barrel which makes Sam think there's another walk so I take him round down by the pool and slippery rock-hemmed path at the north-east garden patch. One day I'll slip and bash head and not be found for 3 days.
  • Return to warmth and pep up BM.
  • Email from on-off-off-off lunch date asking if she dropped an ear-ring. I know exactly where and there indeed it is, call her up and go thru ridiculous maneuvrings to return it without actually having to meet. Reminds me of those health freaks who can't touch anything and if they do have to wash themselves in scalding water to cleanse it off. 
  • By now woozy with wodka and lie down with Sam to warm each other.
  • Totally failed to plonk fotos accurately within post.   

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