08 February 2013


I posted about this in my Facebook page URLing both articles but then proceeded to gab about it to blog readers who hadn't the faintest idea what I was dementing on about.

Note my wit in keying the 'depressing' books to the Gardenry section of the Sans Lucre bibliothèque.

By the Dronings of Drakula! Such torture it was to sit across the table pinned to my seat by the endless blah blah, fah blucking flah rubbish rabbitings about the effing jardin and bilge botanique that goes with the over-blown hobby.

As a distraction, I used to doodle a map of the matriarchal jewel case and mentally move the tinsel around in accordance to my understanding and concept of the Will ~ and the won't.

Rent-a-page - I also had the clever idea when the droning became intolerable of rising from the torture seat across from the burble and making for the gardenry tomes (see above) and ripping a page or twa' from what looked or sounded like an offending book on the same subject.

Wasn't hard, sometimes even hurled whole volumes into the waggah depending on the punishment being dished to temper and time. Zounds! The Grimethorpe Colliery band could have marched thru the kitchen sans maman noticing my absence or the calming shredding of a glossy botano tome.

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