24 February 2013



  • Very good news. The story lives on.
  • Images 'purporting' to be of Venables or Thompson appeared online ... and were subsequently removed ... "More than one police force is now involved in the investigation."
  • Fuck the 'subsequently removed', fuck the pathetic 'worldwide injunction in place which prevents the publication of any images or information purporting to identify anyone as Jon Venables.' 
  • These chaps have stayed hidden for a ridiculous length of time; the Neterati should be ashamed itself.
  • 'More than one police force now involved' is good and even better if they're foreign police ~ they know how to leak and tweak out there, soon have their scent and the hounds a-bay.
  • "Unprecedented court order banning publication of any information which could lead to the revelation of their new identities" - that's exactly what the Internet is here for, to screw with and make mockery. Instead, we're the ones with egg on our faces and VenTo still stomping around.
Bulger basher on the run.

  • "The terms of the order mean that if a picture claims to be of Venables or Thompson, even if it is not actually them, there will be a breach of the order." Yes yes, but it'll keep the story alive and so much the better if it is not actually one of the Bulger biffers: remember the paediatricians hounded to misery in the flame-haired temptress's paedo-hunt? Bags of publicity, just when the story was flagging.

The public doesn't care as long as there's blood on the sand and an honest man swinging in the breeze.

What we need is a Private Eye-style comp: some innocent worthy on the left, one of the Bulger bashers on the right, and the captions reversed.

The Attorney General.

Attorney General bewigged.

Contempt of court ... "is essentially interfering with the administration of justice. This offence can be committed in a number of ways, but will result in justice not being properly carried out.Someone who is found to be guilty of contempt is said to have disobeyed or been disrespectful to the court's authority.An example of contempt includes revealing somebody's identity that had been protected by the courts, such as a high profile celebrity who may have obtained an injunction to prevent stories being published about them.Other examples include a member of a jury telling others of what was said during deliberations, or an organisation publishing information which could prejudice the jury in a trial.Anybody found guilty of contempt of court may be sent to prison."

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