06 February 2013


Bravo Steve Ford, who writes: 

I am well on the way to acheiving the sales needed to break even on the cost of the Corfu Villages eBook and as i write i am over 3/4 of the way there.

As soon as i reach the magic figure all sales after that will be available to give to the villages and charities of Corfu.

I have used every trick in the book when it comes to marketing.

As well as this Blog i have several Facebook pages including, Steve Ford, Corfu Villages Greece Ebook, Corfu Charities, Hawaii Bar Pelekas Corfu and Pelekas Village Corfu.

I am a member of the Corfu Grapevine, Corfu-forum and Agni forum, and have a twitter account for Corfu Villages....

Phew! It's hard work but i know it will be worth it.

I must apologise to the people and friends who are being bombarded with my daily attack on their privacy but hey! no pain....no gain.

So, as always, a BIG thank you to everyone who has bought the pdf ebook or the Amazon Kindle Edition, your contributions to the less fortunate in my second home is invaluable and will greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Steve, ;-)

PS. Don't forget to tell your friends !!

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