04 February 2013


Cheering piece - to me - good for Geoffrey.

"What was dismaying were the prejudices revealed by this affair. A deplorable number of people – including journalists, who are meant to be natural sceptics – had been ready to believe a patently implausible story, because Mitchell is a well-heeled, expensively educated Tory, and because "it was the kind of thing he would have said".
No it wasn't. The kind of thing he was likely to have said was, "I thought you guys were supposed to fucking help us". That's what he admitted to having said, and apologised for saying. What he would not have said was that the police should learn their place, or that they were "plebs".
This is an old story. When there's constabulary duty to be done, and it includes fitting someone up by means of invented evidence, our bobbies have always displayed the proverbial cloth ear. The words attributed to Mitchell came straight out of the Jeffrey Archer school of dialogue. Or maybe the mind of the nation has been rotted by Downton Abbey."
Also depressingly confirming my prejudices about the Filth. I actually rant on against them as a joke, but everything I rail about turns out to be truer even than my version.

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